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Customer Testimonials
* "2 years ago I started wearing a magnetic bracelet, expecting nothing, except wasted money spent. Much to my surprise, by the 3rd or 4th day, I realized I was pain free in every joint in my body, including my spine! Something that NO medication had ever done!!! I'm a 'believer'!!!!! M. McClure - Tomball, TX"
* "Since I started using the magnetic bracelet I fill much better. I'm a patient of multiple condition of health, for example: asthma bronchial, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, mitochondrial patella, hypertension & others more; so I recommend to everyone to use it. I'm not cure; but it relieves me..." V.M.T., Carolina, Peurto Rico

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do magnets work the magic? Read the true stories

"I have ordered your product before with wonderful results. I have gone from crippled hands to hands that can do ANYTHING!!! I am now ordering another set of bracelets for myself and some for my mother-in-law that has many of the same issues with her hands, wrists and elbows." B.S., Scottsdale, Arizona (June 8, 2009)

"I have been an over the road or long haul truck driver for the past 3 years. A normal day is usually 11 hours of sitting in the drivers seat with very little activity. Because of this my legs don't seem to get enough circulation. I ran across a wrist bracelet in a truck stop and bought it just for fun and soon realized how well my left arm felt from being in the same place on the steering wheel all day. I then wondered if I could make two bracelet for my ankles, which I did. I found some 1" square approx. magnet's. I then sewed a pouch with compartments for each individual magnet. Then used a Velcro strip to secure it. This has worked wonders. When I stop at the end of the day, I can jump out of the truck without waiting for my legs to wake up..." A.K.B., Leander, Texas (October 20, 2008)

I bought a metal bracelet from you a few years ago. The clasp has worn loose. Can it be repaired?

This type of clasp can be adjusted manually. If you are handy, try the following to fix it:

- open the claps and lay it on a piece of rubber or soft wood with the inner side of the hook facing upwards
- use a flat tip screw driver or blunted chisel to press on the hook
- hammer on the screw driver or the chisel very gently - test the clasp
- repeat the above steps and increase your force gradually until you get the right snap

In case you overdid it, just close the clasp and use a piece of wood to press on top of the hook of the closed clasp and hammer the wood piece. Again, just repeat the procedure until you get the right snap.

In any event, we would be happy to fix it for you provided that you would pay for the shipping and handling. Please go to the following web page to place your service order:

Do you offer extra large sizes for the men's magnetic bracelet?

Yes. Many of our metal type magnetic bracelets are now available in extra large sizes. Just click on the “Select Size” box located next to the product image for a drop down list of available sizes. As a matter of fact, most of our bracelets are adjustable in size although the standard sizes are mostly less than 9 inches. For styles with no extra large sizes listed, you may include a note in the Comment field with your order to let us know the size you want. However, the adjusted size may not be exactly the size you specify due to the fixed length of the links. To find out the length of the link, you can compare any two adjacent sizes shown for each particular style, then add the link length to the largest size shown by increments of the link length.

How do I adjust the size of a metal link bracelet?

You need some basic tools like a push pin about 0.8mm in diameter with a handle and a small hammer, a copper one preferably which is less likely to scratch the bracelet. The link pin needs to be pushed out from the tail end. When you observe from the side, if you see the pin head with a split line across the center, that indicates the pin head. You should push from the opposite end, i.e. the tail end. Otherwise, the pin may get stuck half way out. If you could do this, you should be fine with the rest of the procedures. After removing the excessive link(s), just put the ends of the bracelet together, line up the holes, then gently tap the link pin back in place with a hammer. In any event, if you find it too challenging or if you are not handy enough to handle it, feel free to send it back to us for free resizing provided that you would pay for the shipping fee.

Caution: You may want to blunt the tip of the push pin first so that you would not get hurt in case it slips.

The following video gives a pretty good idea about how it can be done.

Some caution about tungsten bracelets

1. Don't use a brush to clean it because it may scrape off the sealant that holds the magnets in place.

2. Don't drop it from height or subject it to extreme pressure because although tungsten is a very tough metal and scratch proof, it is also somewhat bristle. When dropped from say beyond four feet of height, the thin hinge point may break.

I purchased a stainless steel bracelet nearly a year ago and the clasp has gotten loose. How can I fix it?

Please try the following:

1. Lay the bracelet on top of a piece of rubber or soft wood
2. Open the clasp so that the inside of the flap faces up
3. Find a short and flat tip screw driver (about 3" long from top to tip which can be found in any hardware store) and a hammer
4. Place the tip of the screw driver in between the hook and the hinge of the flap
5. Apply some pressure to hold the flap down and firm in place
6. Hammer on top of the handle of the screw driver once
7. Try the clasp. If it is still too loose, repeat Step 4 to 6 and gradually increase the force with each hammering until you get the ideal snap.

While doing so, precaution should be taken to try not to use excessive force and overdo it. If you are not that handy or find it challenging, stop. Send it back to us instead. We would be glad to fix it for you for free.

My bracelet is too long. Can I take off a link or two?

Yes, you can if you have the right tools. But it may not be as easy as you might think to remove a link. You need a push pin about 0.8mm in diameter and a small copper hammer. The links are linked with what we call split pins. When you observe from the side, if you see the pin head split in the middle, that's the head end. You ought to push the pin out from the opposite end, i.e. the tail end. Once the unwanted links are removed, just reconnect the ends by lining up the holes and gently tapping the pin back in place with a small hammer.

However, if you are not handy or find it challenging, stop. Send it back to us instead. We offer free sizing service for our customers provided that you would pay for the shipping.

Will the magnetism of these bracelets wear off overtime?

Theoretically, the neodymium magnets in these bracelets are permanent magnets that never fade unless they are subject to extreme conditions that alter the molecular structure of the matter.

How many magnetic bracelet can I wear at one time? Is it the more the better?

That's a good question for which we don't have a definite answer. It really is more a matter of personal preference. There are people wearing 5 at a time. For therapeutic purpose, more may be better. But please be advised that these bracelets are not sold as medical devices and should not be used to replace medical therapy. For a professional opinion, please consult a doctor or therapist.

Should I wear a magnetic bracelet tight or loose?

It depends on your personal preference, habit and comfort level. However, for maximum comfort especially when you do not intend to take it off daily, it is recommended that you choose a size slightly larger than your wrist size. We recommend a 1/8" to 1/4" slack for couple of reasons:
1. Comfort
2. A snug fit tends trap the moisture or sweat which may soften the skin or even cause skin irritation overtime.
3. Some slight movement of the magnets is believed to be more effective than stationary magnets.

Can the magnetic bracelet help with my wrist pain even if it is worn loose?

Theoretically, yes, because the magnetic field affects not only the area immediately next to it but also the area around it. Whether you wear it tight or loose does not make a significant difference. Of course, it will make more sense to place it as close to where the pain is as possible. In the meantime, please be informed that these bracelets are not medical devices and should not be used to replace medical treatment.

Will the claspless bracelet break apart ?

No. In our test, the magnets pull themselves together from as far as 3 inches apart on a smooth surface. It's very unlikely that they would break apart under normal circumstances unless they were struck violently.

Can the claspless magnet bracelets be worn in a shower ?

These bracelets are made of rare earth magnets which do not offer strong resistance to corrosion and are generally not recommended for wet conditions. Although the coating provides a certain degree of water resistance, it may not be completely waterproof. When submerged for a period of time, water may penetrate the coating through microscopic holds in the coating and cause corrosion or rust inside which will eventually break through the surface overtime.

How do I adjust the length of the link bracelets ?

The link bracelets are connected with hinge pins. To adjust the length, you just need some pin removal hand tools, such as a hammer, a hardened push pin, etc. There are also specialized pin removal tools or wretches available on the market, but we don't carry them.

How do I care for the magnetic bracelets made of stainless steel or titanium ?

Both stainless steel and titanium are corrosion resistant and do not normally need special care. If they do get dusty, simply wash it with tap water, or if necessary, soak it in soap water for a while then cleanse it. DO NOT use brush especially on glossy finish or gold plated finish. Use a cloth or towel to dry it instead.

How do I measure and select my wrist size?

To measure your wrist size, find a measuring tape, wrap it around your wrist and take the reading. If you do not have a measuring tape, use a rope to wrap around your wrist, then measure it with a ruler. Give yourself some extra room according to your comfort level by selecting a slightly larger size closest to your reading.

Note: The sizes shown are approximations only. There might be a deviation of up to one eighth of an inch in the actual size.

How do I convert inches into metric measurements?

Here is an online length conversion tool which you might find helpful.

Can I wear a titanium or stainless steel bracelet in a shower?

Normally yes, especially when it is brand new, but we DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO DO SO. Both titanium and stainless steel are weather resistant metals. You can wear a titanium or stainless steel bracelet rain or shine, dry or wet, in bath or at beach. BUT it is so ONLY when the epoxy sealant on the back of the bracelet is intact. Since the housing for the magnets may become not completely watertight as the epoxy sealant ages, moisture may cause the magnets, which contain ferrite in content, to rust, expend, push their way out and eventually fall off.

If I chose the wrong size or measured my wrist size incorrectly and my magnetic link bracelet turned out to be too big or too small, how do I get it fixed?

For your convenience, it may be easier to have it fixed at your local jeweler's store. With the proper tools, any jeweler can fix it in less than a minute. According to our customers, most jewelers would be happy to do it for free if you ask nicely. In some cases, they will charge a minimal service fee of a few dollars. In any event, you can always send it back to us. We will always be happy to fix it for you.

Are the magnets in the magnetic hematite jewelry the same as those in the titanium or stainless steel magnetic bracelets and do they work the same way?

No. The magnets in the hematite jewelry are bi-polar magnets which are not the same as those used in the titanium or stainless steel magnetic bracelets which are uni-pole neodymium magnets. However, they pretty much work the same way because the magnets have the tendency to line up with the same pole in the same direction.

Why do I receive an extra loose link with my magnetic link bracelet?

Due to the fact that many of our customers measured their own size wrong in the past, we usually ship one extra link removed from the original length as a spare link if available just as a precaution so that you will have the option of having it fixed at your local jeweler's store for convenience's sake. But please also note that when full size is ordered, no extra link will be provided.

What do Germanium, FIR, Negative Irons & Hematite do?

Germanium is believed to have blood-thinning effects and may be beneficial to people with high VLDL triglyceride levels, low protein or phosphorus, very high calcium, or poor circulation due to atherosclerosis.

FIR stands for far infrared, which possesses a property to emit thermal heat capable of penetrating to a certain depth into the human body and thus help improve circulation and alleviate inflammation as well as low body temperature.

Negative irons or anions are supposedly abundant in nature that the human body has adapted to over millions of years of evolution and thus an essential natural element for health. Unfortunately, due to worldwide deforestation and man made change to the environment as a result of civilization, negative irons are no longer in balance in a global scale and especially depleted in an urban environment. The ironic substance implanted in our bracelets gradually releases negative irons to at least partially restore this imbalance in a localized setting and promote the well being of the wearer.

Hematite has long been used as ornaments in Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian and Chinese history. It is believed to possess supernatural power to fence of evil and have a spiritual pacifying effect.

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Oakland Gardens NY 11364

Some questions may have already been addressed.

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