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SohoFive Special(s)

High Fashion Magnetic Bracelet
Fashion Deluxe Magnetic

Price $9.74 After Discount
Tianium Magnetic Bracelet for Arthritis Pain
Deluxe Titanium Turquoise

Price $10.49 After Discount
Lady's Fahsionable Magnetic Bracelet
Lady's Titanium Magnetic

Price $8.99 After Discount
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Customer Testimonials
* "2 years ago I started wearing a magnetic bracelet, expecting nothing, except wasted money spent. Much to my surprise, by the 3rd or 4th day, I realized I was pain free in every joint in my body, including my spine! Something that NO medication had ever done!!! I'm a 'believer'!!!!! M. McClure - Tomball, TX"
* "Since I started using the magnetic bracelet I fill much better. I'm a patient of multiple condition of health, for example: asthma bronchial, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, mitochondrial patella, hypertension & others more; so I recommend to everyone to use it. I'm not cure; but it relieves me..." V.M.T., Carolina, Peurto Rico

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Beaded Fashion Jewelry

This page is out dated and not intended for viewers. Please use the nevigatrion column for the current products.

SohoFive beaded jewelry series are all carefully handmade with top quality craftsmanship and genuine semiprecious gem stones. The various collections of beaded earrings, bracelets, and necklaces shown here are most representative of our latest designer handcrafted jewelry styles.

Designer Beaded Bracelets
Designer Beaded Bracelets

SohoFive exclusive designer beaded bracelets series featuring amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, black onyx, African jade, yellow jade, cherry quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, fancy jasper, blue shell, coral, MOP and more.

Coral  and Jade Beaded Series
Coral and Jade Beaded Series

A unique designer bracelet series featuring all different shapes and combinations of coral and jade beads.

Tibetan Tribal Bead Bracelets
Tibetan Tribal Bead Bracelets

Packed with rich cultural content and superstitious power, these bracelets hand-crafted with exotic Tibetan beads are worth much more than just fashion jewelry.

Tibetan & Tribal Fashion Necklaces
Tibetan & Tribal Fashion Necklaces

Tibetan necklaces handmade with Haven Beads are believed to carry saintly power as well as sacred blessings.

Designer Beaded Earrings - Beaded Jewelry
Designer Beaded Earrings - Beaded Jewelry

Choose from a selection of semi-precious stone beaded earrings designed exclusively for SohoFive.

Fashion Jewelry - Swarovski Bracelets
Fashion Jewelry - Swarovski Bracelets

The finest selection of designer handcrafted bracelets with the world-renowned Austrian Swarovski crystal components.

Pearl Beaded Necklaces
Pearl Beaded Necklaces

Enjoy the royal glory, grace and elegance of beaded pearl necklaces at affordable prices never dreamed possible before

Black Onyx Beaded Necklaces Series
Black Onyx Beaded Necklaces Series

Pure, innocent, graceful, original and yet elegant and stylish as these necklaces, as if a fresh breeze of fashion design just blown across.

Cubic Zirconia Fashion Bracelets
Cubic Zirconia Fashion Bracelets

Enjoy cubic zirconia that brings you the brilliant radiance and elegance of diamond jewelry without the prohibitive cost.

Rose Quartz Beaded Necklaces Series
Rose Quartz Beaded Necklace - Valentine Series - Bead Jewelry

SohoFive exclusive designer beaded necklaces series.

These stylish beaded jewelry works can be worn on an every day basis, serving as the foundation of elaborateness to one's apparel. With gemstones of every possible shades of color, beaded jewelry combines ornate gemstones to create a work of art. When compared to other jewelry, beaded jewelry may lack the sparkles of diamonds, silver, and gold, but it makes up in the tranquil feel of simplicity. With a remarkable collection of beaded jewelry that is designed exclusively for SohoFive, we offer great opportunities in providing you with exquisite beaded jewelry that will add a touch of glamour.

Created with skillful and meticulous craftsmanship, beaded jewelry is created from a rare collection of beautiful gemstones such as tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz, jade, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and other various gemstones. Each gemstone is embedded with a desirable appeal of its own, making it popular among wearers for its fineness and at the same time, simplicity. However, in the same instance, beaded jewelry still contains intricate patterns of gemstones and details that make it stand out when worn. Just by wearing beaded jewelry, it will add a sliver of beauty into your attire.

Each fashionable piece of our beaded jewelry collection is imbued with imagination and inspiration of all sorts, allowing the crafters to create a marvelous necklace, bracelet, or earrings. In the end, the beaded jewelry piece is one of a kind.

Beaded jewelry offered by SohoFive contains genuine semiprecious gemstones that are said to be infused with elements that help enhance one's well being and stimulate relaxation and calmness. For example, a common gemstone found in most of our beaded jewelry is rose quartz which is said to be great for attracting love. One other aspect is its ability to promote self-loving and heals emotional wounds. Another notable gemstone used is amethyst which helps vivid dreams proliferate, relieves depression, and promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. With characteristics such as these, beaded jewelry is a must have.
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Stainless Steel Cable Cuff Magnetic Bracelet
Stainless Steel Cable Cuff Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $48.95Sale Price: $6.99

Executive Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Executive Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $109.95Sale Price: $14.99

Magnetic Hearts Bracelet
Magnetic Hearts Bracelet
Price: $69.95Sale Price: $7.99

Gold Trimmed Magnetic Golf Bracelet
Gold Trimmed Magnetic Golf Bracelet
Price: $69.95Sale Price: $11.99

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